About us..

Meet The Team…

We are a specialized creative team who are experts in our fields, we are:

script writers, storytellers,
animation production experts,
video creators, voice over artists.
Working closely with your Account Manager makes it efficient, streamlined and stress-free for you.

Creative Script Writers


 Our team of creative writers who are experienced copywriters and screenplay writers, they will prepare your script for your video, explaining your product in the simplest and most convincing way possible to communicate effectively with your ideal client. While also promoting it, treating the video as a mini-sales presentation to your viewer.

Voice and Sound Team


We hire the best American, Australian and English male and female voice over artists, we use studio quality music and sound FX in all our videos, We choose the right mix that will flow with your video.
Allowing you to connect to your audience and build rapport with them as if talking over the phone or in person...

Animation Team


When it comes to video, nothing comes close to grabbing attention like a cartoon animation. This allows us to express your message in the most effective way possible, without the need for film crews or a studio setup.
The storyline is streamlined and the backgrounds and themes are set, Controllers are put and keys are set, and timelines are decided to make the characters move, cars swim, and submarines fly and buildings transform into space jets. This is the team that is responsible for making the static objects and models dynamic

 Production Team

The video is complete and now it's time for the cleanup crew.
This is the production team to step in and take charge. 
This team is lovably called the cleanup crew. The production team will be responsible for keying out the unwanted colors, editing the extra frames, adding and synchronizing the voice over, making sure everything is synced beautifully, your logo, call to action are all looking fabulous, they are an important part of our team as they have an eye for detail and pick it to pieces and are fastidious in their work.


I needed quality and affordable explainer videos and I had searched the whole internet before I stumbled upon "Explain Your Business". Trust me when I say they have the best price ever and the explainer video they delivered converted two of my visitors into sales in just 24 hours. I was wowed. 

Shane Kingsley...