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Why Use Explainer Videos

Using explainer videos as part of the marketing mix tends to increase revenue growth. Also, animation videos used as a training aid for employees tend to improve productivity and efficiency.

Keep in mind that explainer videos are not like other video content on the web. It has a specific purpose. Thus, it has it’s own tactics. For example, the length of the video and the first few minutes are directly linked to its effectiveness. This is why we suggest that you hire a company that specializes in creating powerful explainer videos; specifically, one that can produce videos that are visually appealing and able to effectively communicate the important details of your product or service to the viewer.

While 3D animations are very popular in films and movies, but they can be very expensive to produce. This is why 2D animation is often the go-to choice for most companies. On top of that, being 2D or 3D is not a big deal in explainer videos. The most important thing in explainer videos is the content, fluidity of the animation and the formatting. This is why it’s best that you hire an animation company that has years of experience and has done work for different genres. This is to ensure that you have the best quality from the character creation to rendering. A good animation company should also score high points on formatting, designing, and animation.

Why Use Explainer Videos

The attention span of today’s consumers is getting smaller and smaller. This means that if you want to connect to your target audience, it’s best that you have a medium that is eye-catching, captivating and efficiently delivers your core message. Thankfully, a good explainer video can achieve all this. This is why explainer videos are getting popular for small businesses as it gives the “best bang for the buck.” After all, small businesses rarely have deep pockets dedicated for marketing. However, that’s not all there is to explainer videos, and it’s a medium that offers more advantages. We will cover some of these important benefits below.

Building Traffic

The great thing about a good and professionally-made explainer video is that it’s very “shareable,” which is very important in a social media-centered world that we live in today. If an explainer video is entertaining, captivating and communicates the core message efficiently and effectively, then people are generous in sharing the video to friends and family. If someone is interested, then it’s likely that he or she will follow the link on the explainer, which is the company’s website. As more people share the video, the more traffic your website will receive.


The most important thing in explainer videos is the content, fluidity of the animation and the formatting. This is why it’s best that you hire an animation company that has years of experience and has done work for different genres.

Multiple Uses

Another advantage of explainer videos is that can work on many platforms. For example, it can be used on your website, social media sites and video sharing sites. It’s like hitting 2 or more birds with 1 stone.

Gaining Authority

A good explainer video does not do any “hard selling.” Instead, it’s informational and provides value for the viewer. As an explainer video “explains” a subject to a viewer, the viewer will see the company that’s featured in the explainer video as an authority on the subject. Authority is very important as today’s consumers are getting smarter and more cautious. They know that anyone can throw deceiving or false information on the web. Explainer videos are a great way of illustrating how your company knows your business very well and your customers will then see your company as an expert. Ultimately, an authority will lead to trust; and always remember, people will always buy from someone they trust.

Additional Income Opportunity

Another great advantage of explainer videos is that’s its one of the few marketing mediums that can directly put money into your pocket rather than take money out of your company’s coffers. As your company grows, your business partners may see how powerful your explainer videos in converting sales. Because of this, some of your business partners would request permission to use your explainer video to also boost their sales. When this happens, you can charge a small fee for the explainer video and it now becomes another income stream for your company.



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