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Affordable Animated Marketing Videos for your Business.

Animated Marketing Videos for your Business

Explain Your Business, a well-known animation video agency. We offer animation services that will generate leads for your business.

Our animated marketing videos are specially designed and crafted by our expert animation video makers. Our animation video agency has the best Animation video service and it’s been trusted by many small businesses and start ups.  

The animation marketing video makers at our animation studio are trained and expert animators who have designed the best animation promotional videos to meet the needs of small businesses and start ups.

‘Explain Your Business’ Animation video marketing services offers quality and value for money with animation video production. So, if you are looking for an animation video, you are at the right place.


​At, Explain Your Business, we give you the opportunity to try our business video maker for free so you can have a chance to play with it and customize for your own business.

 We understand your budget. Our services are very affordable giving you the opportunity to create any number of promotional business videos at reasonable prices.


​Not only is our Business video maker super easy to use from start to finish, it's also super efficient and fast!

It should only take you a few minutes to create a professional animated marketing video for promoting your business.
With our online animated video creator, you'll get a high quality video file that is ready to be used for publishing, sharing and embedding on a web page or wherever!

​100% Guarantee

Looking to create a product video, sales video, explainer video etc. - you’ve got to experience the benefits for yourself!

Get started using our fast, easy, professional animated marketing video maker.If you are not satisfied with the video that you have made using the animated business video maker, we'll refund you the money or give you another chance to make another animated business video.

​Fully Customizable

Customize you own animated business videos to your liking. Upload your own images text and video footage in the available placements, there are literary hundreds of templates to choose from.

3 easy steps

  • Choose your video
  • Add your text or images or choose from our library
  • Download your final video within minutes.

No need to hire freelancers or an explainer video company, or learn expensive video editing software to produce a professional animated business video.

​Ready in Minutes

Ready within 15 minutes.The workflow is completely online and managed by you. 

No need to wait anymore for your freelancer or revision to come back to you to have them changed.

The software is super easy to use for anyone and the videos have been made for the small business in mind.

 Once you have a look at the categories you will see from the experience of many videos that have been made in the past that we know what clients need to produce promotional animated videos.

​Download in HD format

Our videos are produced in high definition (Full HD) MP4 video, designed by some of the best video animation creators.

All our videos are produced with Adobe After Effects, the best video production software allowing us to make 2D, 3D and all other formats to offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

Advanced graphics and special effects.

It's easy. Just pick a template and customize the video online.

Try at no cost, only pay for the HD video.

​Animated Explainer Video

​Explain Your Business put everything in one place to deliver world-class Animated explainer videos for your business.

We have many different varieties of explainer video for your needs and they're have a fully customization to suit your needs.

No need to have an expensive animation company to deliver what you can make in the next 30 minutes using our services. 
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​Whiteboard Animation Video

​Explain Your Business put everything in one place to deliver world-class whiteboard animations which meet your requirements.

We have many different varieties of whiteboard explainer video templates to choose from to suit your needs.

No need to have an expensive and time delay Whiteboard animation service.

Now you can create your own and have it in less than 30 minutes ready to promote.

​Promotional Business Videos

Explain Your Business has developed more than 100+ short video template formats that can be customized to suit your individual marketing needs and business, we are adding new ones all the time to our collection.

We have a team of very experienced video animation experts who have designed our templates for all sorts of categories to suit a wide variety of industries from the local cafe to a large financial services corporation.

​Client Stories

I found your website today, and am so impressed by your amazing templates and how easy they are to use giving me suggestions on where to put what text and image placements, great job.

Lippi Huang, Atlanta

Your Business Video Maker definitely is a great match for our photographers.

Chung Yi, Sarasota, Florida

Your website offers us the ability to build a custom video for business, at affordable prices. Many times, start-up companies must use a majority of their funds in the designing and building on their online presence. Your site allows us to make affordable promotion business videos, it is ...

Best investment I've made. So happy I found your animation video maker service! I'm launching in a few weeks on a tight budget and this service completely saved me a ton of money and time on videos to create for my needs. Thanks so much.

Michelle Smith, ...

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​It's Free to Try
Customize our  animated  marketing videos for your  business...

It's easy as 1,2,3...

​Make your own Animated Explainer videos or Whiteboard Animation Videos for your next business promotion.

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